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Cowls and Birdguards
A bird creates a nest in a chimney by dropping nesting material down the flue until it stops, then building up from there. The nest can be at the bottom, or near the top of the chimney and therefore it is possible to have the entire flue filled with a nest.

A blocked flue can have potentially devastating effects. A blockage can be lethal due to a build up of carbon monoxide gases. The gases have nowhere to escape except back through the chimney into your room. this can be especially dangerous if you have a gas fire.
We supply and fit a variety of cowls and birdguards

Cowls and birdguards can;

  • prevent rain entering the chimney
  • reduce down draft
  • increase the efficiency of the fire by improving the draw
  • prevent vermin such as birds and squirrels entering the chimney
  • capping an unused chimney can reduce heating bills significantly

We can repoint existing chimneys and we supply and fit
new chimney pots

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